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10 Most Extreme Motor Design at Future

Are you a motorcycle lovers??

Every one loves to ride a motorcycle. With the further development of technology, it will be seen the wave of new motorcycle concepts with some unique design anatomy. Even though really interesting, the concept of this motorcycle never made into the real world.

Below is a list of the concept of the most amazing bike you've ever seen. Some of these bike items may even suppress the reality in the future, in contrast most of them can only be created as an imagination model even just a prototype.

10. Honda v4

The concept of Honda v4 at 2008 shows Intermot bike in Germany is a trendy and futuristic sport bike which proposes a new design direction for the brand.

9. Suzuki G-Strider

This powerful motor was first seen in Tokyo Motorshow, 2003. The appropriate concept of this motor is described as a half motorcycle and scooter explorers.

8. I.Care

This motor concept is known as I.Care. It is the best example of modern technology and combining design and speed. This I.Care motor was designed and visualized by a France-based company, Design enzyme. The treatment of I.Care is intended to be The Aston Martin two-wheeled world with 1.8 engine.

7. Victory Vision 800

Vision of Victory 800 is a true motor concept and designed to demonstrate the victory of radical thinking. A division of Polaris ATV is not intended to produce this Victory Vision 800, but the design is still significant.

6. Yamaha Tesseract

Yamaha Tesseract motor's concept was opened at Yamaha 2008 Tokyo Auto Show. This motor is four wheels motorcycle and has made the concept of a hybrid, combination of injection engine SOHC V-twin liquid cooled with electric motors.

5. Peraves Monotracer

The Monotracer Peraves is a masterpiece from a safe vehicle design competition, saving energy, and carrying the go green concept, and only spend 1 liter of gasoline for 30 kilometers. This vehicle has won the Progessive Automotive X-Prize in Class-Alternative Tandem.

So, for you who want this sophisticated motor parking in your garage, you only prepare amount of money about $ 75,000. How? Interested in having it?

4. Bombadier Embrio

Bombadier Embrio is one-wheel recreational and commuting vehicle provides an extraordinary vision of the kind of personal transportation. This vehicle is hydrogen fuel cell powered and gyroschopically balanced. The concept of this motor is one of several concepts proposed by Canada-based Bombardier Recreational Products and receive a Gold Award at the 2003 Annual Design Awards.

3. Batpod

This Batpod is designed for the movie by Nathan Crowley and is supported by high-performance, cold water, single-cylinder engine -directed to the bottom for faster acceleration and with no muffler pipe.

2. Dodge Tomahawk

Dodge Tomahawk is a vehicle concept produced by Dodge at 2003. With up to 8,300 cc engine capacity and configuration of 10V belongs to the Dodge Viper, is the pride has a 500-horsepower and can drive up to 400 miles per hour or about 640 kilometers/ hour. The creator, Chrysler, will sell the original Tomahawk concept and nine replicas through Neiman Marcus, costing $ 555,000. This high-speed machines cannot be used on public roads and can only be used on private streets or in circuit racing.

1. Confederate Renovatio

Renovatio motorbike concept from Motorcycles Confederation based in America is a radical bike concept designed by a designer, is leader of Ed Jacobs's Confederation. This vehicle is very minimalist with all the elements of a bicycle mechanic.

How's your choice???


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